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About Us:
The Bishop Mural Society was incorporated in 1997 to display our heritage in a spectacular outdoor art gallery surrounded by natural beauty. In its first ten years, founders Barbara and David Williams, Dan Wells and John Knowlton established Bishop as a mural destination by producing professional, historically accurate, visually and artistically excellent quality murals. Fifteen colorful mural sites showcase the fascinating history of the Owens Valley on buildings throughout the city. Bishop Mural Society is a founding member of the California Public Art and Mural Society, which held their Public Art Symposium here in 2005. Our most recent achievement is a ten by fifteen foot natural history mural of 421 sculpted ceramic tiles and mosaic, created by 216 community members.

Our Mission:
We produce and maintain high quality public art specializing in events and characters of historical significance to the local community. We partner with local businesses, organizations and artists to nurture a healthy local economy.

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